Sunday, July 13, 2014

Spider Bite

Hello all, once again its been a fantastic week! Our new mission president came in, he is a super cool guy and I am really looking forward to getting to know him. The work is going really well. We have seen lots of miracles as people learn the gospel and shape their lives to fit the commandments. Sometimes changing everything. We really see how people are blessed as they sacrifice to do whats right. The work just keeps moving. 

I got a spider bite this week. I went to the office one day and the ladies was like thats a brown recluse bite! I was thinking "man i sure hope not" but i don't know what kind of spider bite (I wouldn't recommend looking up spiders in the philippines, there are some pretty nasty ones 
I've seen haha) it is but its been going down a lot which is good. Sister schmutz gave me some insecticide stuff. I sprayed my bed and all around the area. Lets just say after I found some bed bug friends that had been sleeping there too. It was kind of gross but they are all dead now. I am super grateful cause before i would wake up with bites on my feet and now i don't have to deal with it! Things are awesome here! The mission really changes you and puts a new perspective to life as you see the challenges of others. Hope all is doing well!

Elder Crandall

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