Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Its the rainy season

Its turning into the rainy season here! I really love it, it means we have clouds which is a nice break from the sun everyday. We had zone interveiws this week, it went real well. It was kind of short, but thats ok, president McCurdy wasn't feeling to well. He and his wife are really amazing people, there are so nice and loving. This next Saturday is the baptism of mario jn entienza, we are super excited for that. We love the entienza family sooo much, they are so strong and diligent. They have their trials but continue to press forward through it all. Its been amazing the light that she has received and the blessings. 

Elder martinez and I are working really hard. This last week we have had lots of problems with the ward records. According to the records we have 846 members in the ward but an average of 130-140 each week. I am getting better with MLS but I'm sure I will be an expert after it all. Yesterday e. Martinez and I spent all day finding people from the records that aren't members but have been baptized. There were problems with the system so there are about 15 children of record who have been baptized but something got wrong with their record so they aren't members... So we go and ask for pictures, certificates, journal entries, or programs to try to validate it along with 2 priesthood men who attended. Sometimes 
I feel like fbi going to ppls house and asking for evidence of their baptism. If we are absolutely positively sure that they have been baptized we can re-create their record, but if there is doubt or usually not enough evidence we have to re-baptize. Most are below 18 and we have some deacons that pass every week but technically aren't members...

Its been a busy week. All day we were walking and got 3 people with enough stuff to re-create and 2 that will need to be baptize. We are also going to go through the attendance because most likely there are a lot that come every week that are children of record, but have no record. The other missionaries that meet at our building but different ward had to re baptize like 8 and reconstruct a good amount. I feel very knowledgeable with the ward organizational systems and structure haha.  And now we do teach all the lessons before baptism. I am super excited and happy about that. There are SOOO many less active/ inactive members in the Philippines, mainly from 2004 and before but we are cleaning it up and bringing people back. Its been an amazing expiernce and am truly loving it! I apologize if there are lots of type-Os. Hope everyone is doing well! Love ya all
(Photo is of my comp and an investigator, lorenzo is his name)

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