Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fun Photos - Siquijor Island

Jacob and his companion, Elder Bigornia

Jacob and his companion, Elder Bigornia

Another sleeping "photo bomb", canine version

Welcome to Siquijor Island

Shredding a coconut.  Notice the tongue; somethings never change (even on a mission)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Blueberry Cheesecake

The third week in Siquijor has been so good! Its been so hard, but so fun! Its been pretty crazy, I went on splits with the ZLs and the APs came down to Siquijor so I was able to go on splits with elder Milia from Manilla ( my old zl). It was so fun and such a good experience! He is one of my best friends on the mission. I learned soo much! The McCurdys came down to Siquijor. The 6 Siquijor missionaries were able to  see them at a resort! The resort is so nice!  President treated us to some dessert! I got some blueberry cheese cake! It was so good! 

This week will be a super busy week. We have Elder Shayne Bowen of the Seventy coming for a conference so tonight we will take a boat to Dumaguete and sleep there. Then we will take a boat to Cebu island and drive up to Cebu and sleep at some of the elders apartment and Friday will be our conference! I am super excited. We are blessed because our mission is really obedient so all of our conferences are never about obedience problems but are normally doctrines, which I really love. Elder Bowen asked us to study the Abrahamic Covenant, so for the last week I have really been studying about and our DL did a workshop so I have already learned so much. I'm pumped to learn even more Friday!  Things are awesome here! Love the mission! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First week on Siquijor

So things are going sooo good in Siquijor! Siquijor is soo amazing, I truly love it! The area I live in is what you would think about when you think about a really little beach town. There are not McDonalds or anything like that at all, but there is this little place you can eat that is called Jo's, soo good. My area is really far away, about 3 minutes by tricylce. When you think of the really touristy spots on the beach with clear water.... well that is what its like, except without the tourists. Something that was kind of hard to adjust to is the apartment. Its nice, but the electricity and water goes out all the time. A couple days ago 19 out of the 24 hours - no electricity or water. We cook with gas stoves so we are ok and we shower with a bucket. At night sometimes its pretty hot, but sometimes there will be a really nice breeze so it will be pretty cool.   I'm training... its hard but sooo good! My companion is elder Bigornia from Mindanao. His english is ok, we mostly speak Visaya (Cebuano). Church was an interesting experience... Last sunday there was around 24 people including the missionaries, 2 pairs of elders and 1 pair of sisters. All the missionaries in Siquijor are Pinoy (Filipino) except me so its a lot of Visiya. We opened up a new area where there haven't been missionaries so we are creating a new teaching pool. Basically everyday we just try to talk to EVERYONE and get as many OSTs (on the spot teachings) as we can. Its been tough but real good. The people here are really chill and sooo friendly! I really love it! I hope all is going well with everyone! Love yall all

Elder Crandall