Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hello everyone!

Things are super good here in cebu! Well the update this week is record cleaning still! Its hard because sometimes we are thought as the bad guys when we tell people that their children aren't members... But most people are good and helpful about it. Sometimes not.. Its hard when we try to help members and they get mad, but that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Our bishop is really funny, the other day we had a fireside by us missionaries for the ward. Elder Martinez asked him how his scripture study was. He looks up like he was thinking and then said, "Its pretty good.... Every day from 8-5" and everyone laughed. He works for the church as a translator for ensign, liahona, and really anything that needs to be translated, he also does general conference and did the new 3 temple videos. He is a really good member and bishop. There was another member that attended who is probably 60. The sister missionary was talking about inviting friends and family to the church and asked him about his brother. She was like you could invite him to church. He says "well he is really gahit ( mean/hard). And she was like yes, sometimes people are like that, but don't you want to be with him and your family. He responded " With my brother? No."  it was pretty funny. The ward is really good! So my shinning moment goes this week to Ruby john! He is a freakin STUD! He come from a family of 12 kids and he takes care of a lot of them. He and part of his family were baptized about 8 years ago but went inactive after. They returned a couple months ago and last week the whole family who live in pardo came! Most of the kids are below 10 right now. But the dad came! And he didn't join with the rest 8 years ago. But Ruby john really wants to go on a mission, he is 20. He is honestly an inspiring story. He use to be in a kind of a gang group. He drank and did drugs, has this big tatoo but when the sisters went back and he came back he stopped all of it! He stopped hanging out with all the bad friends. It just truly amazes me that even someone who got into trouble and hung out with bad friends, completely turned his life around. He reads his scriptures everyday, helps his mom with his little siblings and comes with us a lot. Just so many amazing stories with his true conversion process and how so much light has been brought to him and his family! His testimony is really strong and he is preparing for a mission by going to seminary every week, going out with us, studying the scriptures and PMG everyday. Things are just going so good with him and our whole area.

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