Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hope all is going well! We have really had another great week. We have been spending a good amount of time in Basay (the area of our group). We have met some great families, one specifically called the Baylon family. The dad is a fisher and goes out to the ocean every single morning at 3 until 8 am fishing. They are very new still but we have high hopes for them:)

It was E. Ellis's birthday this last 27th. It was also our zone interviews that day. We woke up at 5 AM to get ready and drive down to Dumaguete. While driving we hit/killed a chicken. I guess the question continues to come up, why did the chicken cross the road??  I guess it'll remain a mystery. 

The last couple weeks I've had some nose problems. The medical nurse thought it was a sinus infection so I took some antibiotics. It helped a lot but my sneezing and coughing continued. Yesterday we heard some "meowing" while we were doing our personal study and we thought it was outside but we later realized it was in our room. We found 3 baby kittens inside. We had seen a cat jump in the window a couple of times as we walked in and were a little confused. Our house is actually really clean, but we have a cupboard section where we keep our of our materials (books, pamphlets, liahonas, etc.) and they were behind them so we never saw them. Today we are going to be doing a deep clean so hopefully that will be able to help with my allergy problem:) 

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