Sunday, July 5, 2015

It has been a long time since we have posted any photos or text regarding Jacob.  He continues to be doing great.  He served the prior 6 months in and around an area called San Carlos City.  It is on Negros island just west of Cebu island.   He really enjoyed that area, and in particular having a vehicle (a truck) which was necessary to get to some of the areas he was responsible for.  Just this past week (July 1, 2015) he was transferred to an area called Bayawan, which is southwest on Negros island.  He was particularly excited that his new apartment will have air conditioning, which is a first for him.  Below are a number of photos (not necessarily in chronological order) over the prior 6 months.

Those who know Jacob knows he loves snakes.  He was thrilled to hold this burmese python.

I think they call this breadfruit

P-day hike to waterfalls

Jacob mission truck along with hitchhikers

Missionary "service".  Check out Jacob's tongue (some things never change)

Baptism in a creek, Jacob is a witness on the far side

Makeshift umbrella

Check out the missionaries' shoes (all too common with the rain and dirt roads)

A form of transportation?

Love that smile

More missionary service - check out the T-shirt

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  1. We called them jackfruit instead of breadfruit