Monday, October 20, 2014

Washing a cell phone Sept 30, 2014

Hello its been such a good week! I hope everyone is doing well! Its been a super crazy week! We had ward conference which is in Dumaguete as our group is apart of that ward. Then we stayed for the District meeting and then went back after. Tuesday we had a super full day of work!! And then this morning we came back to negros since there is a mission conference with all the missionaries in negros. ( there are 2 conference, one in cebu and one in negros). And then the following week we will come back for General conference. The work is really going well. Since its such a new area its a lot of planting. We have some really good investigators that we are excited about as we see their progression. I went on splits with the ZLs with Elder Wilding from Utah. We had an experience with this lady who did not like the missionaries. She was just like " you just want to baptize me, and then after I'll have to go on a mission like you!"  Elder Wilding talked to her and explained the importance of baptism and then said sister we do not want you to be baptized if you are not ready. We are here to help people get ready and receive answers that this church is true. It was a very interesting conversation as her views of us were so skewed. 
      Funny story, Elder Bigornia was holding the phone and had it in his pockets. We had to wake up this morning early to wash our clothes ( we do it all by hand so it takes a while) since we are in Dumaguete so we had to soak them the night before. We realized that he put in his pants in to the bucket with the phone in it! We are going to try to soak it in some rice. 
      We meet a guy at church in Dumaguete that lives on siquijor but come out once a week for church and to go to the movies. We visted him in siquijor.  He live in salt lake city but works for the FBI and is involved in a human trafficking case in Thailand right now. He is a very interesting guy. It was very nice to be able to speak in english! 
   I love yall! I hope all is going well!
  ELder Crandall

Photo is from our district activity at this beach place! Its so beautiful in siqiujor! 

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