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Hello Family,
 Things are going soo well here! This week we have really had many blessing finding people. Something we try to do is service and then turn it into a teaching opportunity. It's really proved effective, the only problem is that no one will let us help because they don't want us to get " dirty" since we have our white shirt and pants. Normally we just start helping if they are doing anything like picking up leaves, picking up coconuts, really anything.
     Good news! Siquijor can apply to be a branch!! Last week we had 44 which was so much better than the previous 28 the week before.
      About washing clothes, its all done by hand. I hate it but it's not to bad. It's really funny because every time I was I think of 5th grade on our field trip to the heritage farm museum when the lady was showing us how they washed their clothes back in the day. She said " Can you imagine washing like this everyweek". Sometimes I jokingly think to myself.. yes i can, how about you? hhah but its really not to bad. It gives Elder Bigornia and I time to talk. 
   It's truly amazing how kind and humble people are. I have been spending so much time thinking about families as we have some families that we are teaching and have recently found.  Family here is so important. People don't have money, but they always help their family no matter what happens. Truly family is happiness. In these broken homes the kids often end up getting into drugs, girl/boys, and so many of the things of the world when in reality the true happiness is in the family. It's amazing that we can all live together in the next life and it shows the importance of following the scriptures, prophets, and teaching of the church. 
  Quick funny story. In Pardo I drank only Pepsi. Soda is super cheap here( though I am not cutting it out haha) but it's just coke on Siquijor. We found one place where there is pepsi and I got sooo excited! Some 14 year old kid bought some and I really wanted to try some. I said hey can I try some? He let me! It was kind of weird after drinking just coke but it was so funny. It shows how kind people are here! I love yall so much! 
Elder Crandall

Hello, It has been another very good week! We had transfer calls and Elder Bigornia and I are staying in Siquijor which I'm really excited about! Things are going really well! I'm still working on the language but this transfer I plan on waking up everyday a little early to really work on it. Its funny because I always want to speak Visiya and Elder Bigornia always wants to speak english. We have a pretty funny story. Elder Bigornia was having problems with one of his back wisdom tooth that needed to be pulled. There is a couple missionary that took us to the one in Dumaguete ( as there arent any on siquijor). The dentist is a women and Elder Bigornia was really worried because his other dentist were men and he thought that the lady would be too weak to pull it. Sister Henrichson was saying how its not about strength but about technique but E. Bigornia was still hesitant. She was saying how this dentists was really good and approved by the church and stuff. I'm in the office talking to Sister Henrichson while elder bigornia is on the chair. Afterwards he said he should have went to a male dentist! hha They injected him with a little pain medicine in his gums and then she just went to town pulling, twisting, and turning until it came out. He said it hurt soo bad and he felt it all and was trying not to yell. He said the male dentists before would just get a really good grip of the tooth and then just yank it out in one tug. After she put some cotton in, gave him 4 pills ( 2 to prevent infection, and 2 pain) and thats it. Mom and Dad, Dont worry, I've been taking good care of my teeth so don't worry! Also Elder Ioane will be in my zone!! I'm so pumped, he is my batch from Samoa! Love yall all!

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