Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Devil Monkey

May 20, 2014

So its been a bitter sweet and interesting week. I'll start out with the sweet! We had a baptism! It was sister Entienza. It was soo good. Her husband has a member but hasn't gone in 30 years and had been coming back for the last 6 weeks as we have been teaching. He stopped smoking and drinking coffee and prepared himself to be worthy to baptize his wife. It was truly an amazing experience. She was sooo good, truly elect! 

For the bitter... So my companion got emergency transferred to Escalante, one of the new areas in negreos occidental our mission recieved as its cebuano. I was getting a new companion. The day before he was going to come, there was some medical issues so he had to go to manilla and so i got a call that i was transferring since i didnt have a companion. I packed up that night and went to toledo zone the next day. It was pretty tough since we were teaching sis entienza's son and had many super good investigators and members. I'm in an area called balamban in the toledo zone. My area is pretty cool. Our apartment is maybe 50 yards from the ocean but theres some sewage water goes so its not a nice spot. But we get a nice breeze! And it smells good, like an ocean. Our area is pretty bukid. Very country like with big feilds and stuff. My new companion is an american which is different but he's cool! We have a big patio upstairs in our apartment. There are 4 elders there. We slept outside since its so much cooler and it started raining on us at 12:30 so we had to move inside. When i came to toledo zone i took a bus from pardo to toledo. i got out of the taxi and took my 2 bags out and went and set them down on the curb and i came back to get my scripture bag and the taxi was gone. It had my camera and all my photos. I was really upset. We have the taxi number so the ZLs are trying to find him. It was on the ground so Im pretty sure he didnt even realize it was there and just thought we were done. 

Now for the funny stories!!
So we were out visiting some members and it was getting late and was dark outside. We were walking on this feild were there were these animals called carabou. They are like cows. We are just walking across and i feel my foot just sink. It was just a big cow paddy! I just kept walking haha. 

We went to this memebers house yesterday. They have this small tree, no taller than 8 feet and had this small devil monkey in it! If we got close he would just start growling sneering his teeth and holding on the tree with one hand and swinging the other one to try to grab us or something. I took my sweat cloth and kind of waved it in front of him and he grabbed that thing sooo fast!!! The member started laughing and got it. He was super nice to her but not to us guys for some reason. My compaion gave the monkey some oreo like cookies. He grabbed it and ripped open the wrapper and started eating it. It was pretty funny! Hopfully i can get my camera back and take a video of it to send to annie!
 Everything is going good! Im really excited for my new area. Hope all is going well!
Elder Crandall

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