Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Simon Says ...

May 14, 2014; I hope mothers day was great for everyone!! This week had some funny events.  First, we were walking and some little kid ran up to me and ask if i was circumcised. I was super confused cause i didnt know the word for that, so later i asked my companion what he said and he told me. 2nd, we were walking down this alley along the water line were people's washing, shampoo and toothpaste water goes. There was a pipe out of the back of a home that would drop from the pipe 6 inches to the waterline underneath. It was water that had been used for washing so it was white from the soap. A little kid, maybe 1 years old was sitting on a little plastic tricycle leaning over to try to reach the water. There wasnt anyone around and so we asked what he was doing. He just said " gatas, gatas" or milk milk. We pulled him back and said no, thats dirty water. 3rd, we were in a lesson with one of our investigators. Elder fuentes was talking about the plan of salvation and was talking about our pre-mortal life. Sometimes we use english words for big terms just because the cebuano words are confusing to say. So he was meaning to talk about the pre-mortal life and ment to say during our pre-mortal life but said " So during our procreation" . I tried so hard to not laugh. We had recently taught about the law of chastity and he accidentally switched the 2 words. 
      Just some funnies! The highlight of the week was a service project the relief society did. They got lots of bread from a bread shop, juice, clothes and candy. They invited the missionaries to join, so we were able to go. They went to a little area and gave people food and drink and clothes. People loved it! It was so fun, we played games with all the kids and the adults would go through the clothe and pick the ones they wanted. It was such an awesome experience! We were able to talk to a lot of people about who we are and what we do. We were able to talk to some people that are really interested who we will return to! Service brings so much joy to our lives. Well thats all for this week. I hope all is going well! 
Elder Crandall

Elder Crandall playing Simon Says with the children

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