Sunday, November 2, 2014

A New Companion

Things are still going super good! 

My new companion is Elder Cabaccan from Luzon. His language is a mix of tagalog and another dialect, so english is pretty tough. We  speak bisaya 80% of the time which is really good for both of us! 

In our apartment Elder Asuro is training. He is training a missionary from Tonga named elder Fonua. Its super funny how everyone communicates but it all works out. Yesterday elder fonua ate balut (boiled duck embryo) for the first time. Its so interesting, he has eaten dog a lot before, but he was super scared to eat it but we got him too! He didnt really like it.... I have to be the middle man a lot since we can all speak english but sometimes with the accents its hard for them to understand each other.Its super fun, i love the spirit in the home! We have had a good week! I love it so much! Hope things are going well. Love yall all!

Elder Crandall

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