Sunday, March 16, 2014

Below are excerpts from some of Jacob's recent letters.

March 4, 2014:
....then later that night we went to a family's house and had dinner! It was a traditional filipino meal, I will attach a photo. It had rice, fish, squid, pork, chicken, snails, and more. I actually really liked it. I'm getting use to a lot of the seafood. The next day elder montanyo woke up in a lot of pain. In my apartment there are 4 of us, me, elder montanyo, elder valencia, and elder Gabriel. We had to take him to the ER. Ended up he had a inguinal hernia which caused lots of pain.  The following day he had surgery and now is recovering. We were all in an out at the hospital.

It is funny how there are a lot of culturally prevalent things here for the filipinnos. For example if it rains no one goes out. Literally no one, even the missionaries. They think if it rains on them that they will get sick and they all truly believe it. Also theres such a strong Catholic presence here

Sunday was good, we had a lot of less actives come to church which we were really excited about! It went very well. We have been doing a whole lot of work with the records. Already just going around to members we have found 10 people who are still on the ward records who have passed away and around 20 that have moved out. The bishop has only been bishop for a couple of months but has really been working hard. The ward mission leader is also brand new so we are working with him a lot.

The people here have such amazing faith whatever their religion. Its mainly catholic though most people don't go to church. But people have no problem talking about their beliefs in God. The people are so kind as well and super inviting.  I would like to share one example of the faith.  We visited a less active older lady who watches her 2 grand kids as her daughter just left them there and ran away. During her closing prayer she started bursting into tears saying how much she loves them but how she is so worried cause she is so old and poor, that if they get sick she wont be able to take care of them. She also said she wants to come to church but she lives in the bukid area (mountains) and she doesn't have the money to come. On sunday she came to church; i don't know how financially but I know that God provides ways. We were super excited to see her there and it was just one of the examples of amazing faith by the Filipino people

March 12, 2014:  
This week has been good. I got sick for the first time but it really wasnt bad. Saturday night elder valencia was throwing up and Sunday i wasnt feeling too well. I just rested all day but i never threw up. Im perfectly fine now. Im surprised after all i have eaten that i havent gotten sick but i very grateful as well.

They have been having problems with the records here and have lost a lot of membership records. About 15 percent in the mission. If members dont have photos or witnesses that are present to validate it then we have to re teach and baptize again.  We are teaching 2 girls, jasmine and jasail who are in this situation. 


  1. Thank you Annika! I LOVE reading about your Elder Jacob. Thank you! Love, Sister T.O.

  2. Excellent! Love the pictures and the excerpts from his letters! Keep them coming!