Sunday, February 9, 2014

One Day Until Cebu, Philippines!!

(January 31 Update)
Well I hit a month today! It's crazy how fast it's gone by, but also how slow it's gone by. The days are crazy long, but as I look back the weeks went pretty fast. This week has been pretty sweet! On Tuesday our service project was putting up the flags! Its always super fun when we can do that! The MTC has tons of flags and we chose 32 to put up each week. Last week we got to clean the water fountains around the main building which wasn't too bad, but the flags are a lot more fun. We also got our flight plans today which was the highlight of the week! We are flying to San Fran and then to Manilla and then to Cebu on Feb 10th! Its soo crazy how we only have 10 days left here at the MTC! Also we were able to host the new missionaries coming in on Wednesday. I got an elder from France who was super cool! He is going to Tahiti and learning Tahitian! I also had another elder going to Virginia who was super nice. It's cool but kind of sad cause you see so many families crying as they drop of they kids for 19-24 months! Other than that it's basically been the same stuff each week. Next week will be my last P-day! Hope everything is going well!
           Elder Crandall

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