Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our First Email Has Come!

Dear friends!
Hows it going? The first week has gone by, not as fast as others make it seem. The first 3 days were really tough since they were all day and before I entered the MTC i wasn't the best about getting to bed early. I have 2 companions here at the MTC, Elder Dunford and Elder Christensen. Elder Christensen is from Portland and Elder Dunford is from LA. They are both real chill. Each day in our class room we spend around 4-6 hours on Cebuano. For those who arent familiar with Cebuano, it is the main language used in central Philippines. Its been pretty tough to pick up as it is so foreign to me, but its not too bad. Our teachers are very good and really help us out on anything we need. What's interesting about it is that there are a lot of words they dont directly have so they explain it. For example Faith is - hugot nga pagtuo. Hugot mean firm or strong, Nga is like in and Pagtuo is like belief. So faith is firm in belief. So it ends up being a lot more words to describe stuff. But something cool about it is it wasn't a written language so the spelling is just how you sound it. From talking to the teachers who spoke Cebuano on their mission i found out that generally if you speak Tagalog you cant understand Cebuano, but if you speak Cebuano you can pick up most of what the Tagalog speakers are saying which is pretty neat. I have 2 teachers who are both awesome and i really learn alot! Theres a program called SYL: speak your language which basically means just try to speak cebuano in all conversation so my companions and I try to speak it as much as we can. Well I have to go, hopefully next time I'll be able to attach photos. 
                -Elder Crandall
Elder Crandall with the other missionaries going to Cebu, Philippines

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  1. So exciting! Annie, is there any way you could add a subscription widget so that I can get post notifications to my email?